INVNCBL Race Series - Introducing the iNVNCBL ‘Finishers’ Tech Tee

If you’ve ever taken part in an OCR, gone for a long run or endured a heavy gym session (soaking through a cotton tee in the process!) then you’ll no doubt be familiar with that undesirable chafing sensation! That’s why It’s important to ‘wick’ as much moisture away from your body as possible. Unfortunately cotton acts like a sponge when wet, absorbing up to 7% of its weight in water. Compare that to moisture wicking fabrics which are comprised of high-tech synthetic polyester blends, which absorb only 0.4%.

Here at iNVNCBL we’ve been working in conjunction with Classic Sportswear to bring you our short sleeve Finishers Tech Tee!

It utilises the latest technology which ensures it’s both high wicking and quick drying. The mesh ventilation inserts and backing help to keep you cool, and wick sweat away, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable.

Our tee can be worn as part of your layering system or worn on its own. The relaxed fit of the tee is designed so as not to restrict your movement, perfect for hauling yourself over those incline walls!

Want one? All you have to do is finish….