MERTHYR MAWR 10/03/2018 (waves still available)
MERTHYR MAWR 10/03/2018 (waves still available)



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The iNVNCBL 'BATTLE OF THE BUSINESSES' challenge is a 10KM competitive yet fun event for your organisations to register and compete as a corporate team, while encouraging camaraderie and team spirit at the same time! It is open to all businesses large or small so whether you're a small social enterprise, large or small company, you could be the iNVNCBL reigning corporate champions! The event is ideal for inter-branch or inter-departmental challenges – see how head office matches up against the local branch, Human Resources against IT or management vs staff, and of course businesses are positively encouraged to challenge your competitors to square up on the start line!

The winning team receives

  • An iNVNCBL 'Battle of the Businesses' trophy
  • iNVNCBL hoodie for each team member 
  • MASSIVE bragging rights!


  1. A total of 5 runners is required for each organisation, with at least one male and one female runner
  2. Team members must be employees from the same organisation
  3. The first team to cross the finish line will be the winner